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Workforce Intelligence

AptoZen provides workforce insights to help companies find and retain the right talent for driving business outcomes.

  • Gain Insights on Your Team
    Identify organizational strengths, weaknesses and the gaps between your existing workforce and your business objectives.

  • Forecast Hiring Decisions
    Shift from leader’s intuition based talent acquisition to data-driven workforce management.

  • Elevate Your Talent Acquisition
    Quickly and easily predict who, among your list of candidates or ours, will be high performers.

  • Predict Churn/Retention
    Predict the key areas at risk of turnover – by function, business unit or geography.

  • Drive Business Growth
    Move away from gut-driven hiring and start making data-driven workforce decisions. Contact AptoZen today to get started!

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“The AptoZen team is committed to customer success. They are hardworking, thorough, and efficient. They are also incredibly friendly, which makes working with AptoZen an especially positive experience. AptoZen gets results and their team is fantastic.”

Sue Bernstock, President - Workville NYC

“AptoZen's approach to talent is one that I highly recommend as the approach, business model and team are closely aligned to help find the best fit.”

Jon Soberg, COO - Park Jockey

“Once I saw the Apotzen client portal, I clearly saw the power of their sourcing capabilities. I was able to quickly see four matched and vetted candidates compared side by side and neatly organized by soft and hard skills. I see Aptozen’s client portal as a true digitization of candidate evaluation. The Aptozen client portal allows me to quickly review matched candidates, add notes using the notepad, provide a rating and be back to other priorities. No recruiter, ATS or Jobsite can offer me this capability.”

Alex N. Ryan, Talent Development Consultant - Portland, OR

“AptoZen reached out to me regarding a role at Microdesk. It was an excellent experience working with AptoZen - it was easy and very productive. They understand what I was looking for and my goals for my career. I highly recommend AptoZen for a career building services, I wouldn't change anything on how they do the interview process. It was a great experience working with AptoZen throughout this process.”

Ramon Roman, Structural Engineer - MicroDesk