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Introducing Guaranteed Hiring

Quick-Fill Hiring-as-a-Service. Guarantee of a successful hire.

  • Build your team with hire-ready talent matched for success
    Get “Hire-Ready” candidates only, specifically matched for you! Our 35-years of experience in matchmaking makes us the ultimate destination for elite talent of every type!

  • Attract top Revenue Producers with 4-level predictive fit technology
    Forget social media, job boards and sifting through hundreds of resumes. Let AptoZen help you and rest assured you’re going be presented with top talent backed by data using our 4-level predictive fit! Fit to your role, supervisor, environment, and organization.

  • Predictive Hiring using Artificial Intelligence and Human Touch
    Use AptoZen, like MoneyBall, to go beyond the resume and hire winners for your team! See predictive insights on why they are the right hires and how they’ll crush your quota.

  • Hiring Top Talent with a Guarantee
    We stand behind our brand because we’ve done it for three decades and know what it takes. When you hire with AptoZen you are guaranteed to make a successful hire! Schedule a product demo with us and let’s optimize your hiring approach today!

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Select The Plan That Works Best For You

Got questions? Talk to us about your options.

  • Basic Plan

    You get AptoZen's hire-ready candidates that are:

    • Vetted and matched to your job
    • Fitted for your team
    • Excited and available to talk to you
    • Ready to hire in three weeks
  • Add White-Glove Service

    • Nurture candidates
    • Schedule interviews
    • Facilitate feedback to each party
    • Provide coding challenges and/or writing samples
    • Provide personality analysis
    • Build team composites
  • Add Gold-Glove Service

    • Draft and submit an offer letter
    • Negotiate salary/benefits
    • Negotiate start date
    • Check references
    • Prep new-hire for first day on the job

How It Works


Talk with AptoZen

We absorb and learn your mission, vision and culture. Leave the job description to us. We will create your company profile to appeal to the talent you want.
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See the Candidates

You receive 4-5 vetted candidates per position that are waiting for your call - Not too many, not too little, just the right number. Our data visualization will give you insights far beyond candidate resumes.


Get Results

Get that awesome new hire. Our customers spend 2 weeks to interview and hire on average. We will be supporting you throughout the journey until you find your future team member.

“The AptoZen team is committed to customer success. They are hardworking, thorough, and efficient. They are also incredibly friendly, which makes working with AptoZen an especially positive experience. AptoZen gets results and their team is fantastic.”

Sue Bernstock, President - Workville NYC

“AptoZen's approach to talent is one that I highly recommend as the approach, business model and team are closely aligned to help find the best fit.”

Jon Soberg, COO - Park Jockey

“Once I saw the Apotzen client portal, I clearly saw the power of their sourcing capabilities. I was able to quickly see four matched and vetted candidates compared side by side and neatly organized by soft and hard skills. I see Aptozen’s client portal as a true digitization of candidate evaluation. The Aptozen client portal allows me to quickly review matched candidates, add notes using the notepad, provide a rating and be back to other priorities. No recruiter, ATS or Jobsite can offer me this capability.”

Alex N. Ryan, Talent Development Consultant - Portland, OR

“AptoZen reached out to me regarding a role at Microdesk. It was an excellent experience working with AptoZen - it was easy and very productive. They understand what I was looking for and my goals for my career. I highly recommend AptoZen for a career building services, I wouldn't change anything on how they do the interview process. It was a great experience working with AptoZen throughout this process.”

Ramon Roman, Structural Engineer - MicroDesk

We Check All the Boxes

Everything you need to take the stress out of hiring.

Write the perfect job description. Again and again.

You want to be sure it's not just a copy of the last one you used. (Uh huh, we went there.)

Let us write it for you.

We excite top candidates. The results are dramatic.

Trial and error with recruiters that don’t listen.

You have to spend time helping them understand your company culture and what you're really looking for.

We hear you the first time.

We'll be efficient and effective with meaningful questions to get your requirements right.

Post the position on costly job boards.

Did you know there are over 40 job boards out there?

Save money. Make your CFO happy.

No more job boards.

Settle in for the resume read-a-thon.

Most companies receive over 250 resumes per position. Uh, better get another cup of coffee.

Focus on the resumes that matter.

We do the heavy-lifting and provide you with hand-selected candidates.

Waste time on candidates that are too good be true.

Recruiters use their best candidates to get your business. Little did you know, the candidates have already accepted other jobs.

Available candidates, eager to hear from you.

AptoZen has already talked with them about your job. Go ahead, they are expecting your call.

Miss something during interviews.

Properly screening/vetting a candidate is a complex process. How do you make this work with a 30-minute interview?

Extend an offer with confidence.

AptoZen has already vetted the candidates. All you need to do is make the decision on which candidate you want to hire.

Compete against other employers.

It’s a tough market out there. Your employer brand is more important than ever.

Make us your cheerleader.

They already know how awesome you are. We'll be there for the entire hiring process, even after your new hire joins.