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Aptozen Vision

AptoZen strives to be the destination for companies to connect with future employees and solve their hiring challenges.

  • AptoZen was created with a lofty goal: to change how the world hires.
  • AptoZen believes finding the right people should be predictable, affordable and fast.
  • AptoZen believes that hiring is as much science as it is art.

Meet our Talent Acquisition Team

  • Ricardo

    "Human touch isn't a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business."

  • Sherry

    "I am builder of teams and products. A do'er who is solution focused and passionate about connecting people and companies."

  • Ana

    "I didn't choose a career in Talent Acquisition by accident! I'm bananas (Ana Banana) about the industry and love being able to bridge the gap between companies and candidates. It makes me feel like I'm doing my part in the world."

What's In a Name?

Apto = "Fit" or "suited" with Latin and Spanish origins; demonstrates our "aptitude" to be successful.

Zen = Helping companies find their Zen in hiring.

AptoZen = Aptitude to Zen, a state where passion, talent and purpose come together.

The AptoZen Story

In 1980, John Wilhelm and Takeshi Yokota founded Intrax, a company dedicated to enriching the lives of students and families by providing them with cross-cultural experiences and connections. The company has since grown to bring hundreds of thousands of people and organizations together through various international exchange programs in over 100 countries. The insight and understanding gained over three decades was brought to the enterprise in 2013 with the creation of AptoZen. AptoZen was created to bring together employees and companies and change the way the world hires.

AptoZen is more than a technology company – it's a people first company. In fact, our talent acquisition team speaks with each and every candidate before a match is given our stamp of approval. We know the candidate journey is very important, too, and we nurture the relationship before, during and after a successful match.

Innovators Served by AptoZen